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Orders and Returns

Are you cancelling before delivery?

If you change your mind after successfully placing an order with us, please  contact us immediately, stating your order number and that you wish to cancel it. In case the item has already been sent out for delivery, we will try our best to contact our delivery partner and recall the item. However, if it is too late to do so, please wait for your order to arrive and then return it to us (see below for instructions).

Have you changed your mind after receiving your order?

We've tried our best to simplify the returns process at Velo eScooters and make it as painless as possible for you. If you have already received your order and you no longer wish to keep it, you will have 14 days from the receipt of your order to raise a Returns notification request (see How to Return item(s) to us section below). Once we have approved your Returns request, you will have a further 14 days within which you must return the item/s to us. Please note that the return will only be processed, if:

  • The items are back in their original packaging - Please note that we may make a deduction from the refund amount for the loss of value of any items supplied if the loss is the result of unnecessary handling by you. You can examine the goods (just as you would in a shop), but to obtain a full refund, the goods must be returned in "as new" condition and in their original packaging. We can provide you with packaging for a nominal fee if you have misplaced or damaged the original.
  • The items show no signs of usage - You may examine the items (just as you would in a shop), however once used, we will not be able to accept returns (unless there is a fault or issue with the item(s).

Damaged or faulty items - within 14 days

If your items develop a manufacturing fault through normal use (as outlined in our manual) within 14 days of receiving the goods, then please contact us, quoting your order number, attaching a photo of the items and their reported fault(s). We will arrange for a free collection and redelivery and organise the repair on your behalf.

Damaged or faulty items - beyond 14 days

If your item(s) develop a fault after the initial 30 days period, you will need to contact us and make a warranty claim. Please note the warranty period will vary by us. You can find the contact details and warranty terms at our Warranty Support page.

If you cannot find warranty information, please get in touch, and we will endeavour to provide the right customer support details on to you.

Please note that we cannot accept returns:

  • Without all original packaging and accessories, including the retail box, manuals, cables, charger and all other items originally included with it (we can provide a new box at a cost of £25).
  • If the electric scooter has been damaged through misuse or shows signs of being tampered, customised, or altered in any way.
  • Is in any condition that we deem renders the item unsaleable.

How to return item(s) to us

You may choose any of the following options to return your scooter: Return via post

Follow the steps below to organise a return via post office drop-off:

  1. Contact us directly to request a return.
  2. Once your request is approved, please complete this form, detailing the items you wish to return.
  3. Repackage all order contents in their original packaging*
  4. Affix the adhesive address label before sending the item (remember to ask for proof of delivery)
  5. Drop it off at your nearest Post Office (don't forget to request proof of purchase as we will not be held liable for any loss or damage during transit)

* items must be returned in their original packaging. If the original packaging has been misplaced, then we may deduct the cost of replacement from your refund amount Arrange for collection

We use an express & insured courier service for all collections and will deduct a £20 fee for the use of the service (unless there is a manufacturing fault within 30 days). To continue, please read the instructions below:

  1. Contact us directly to request a return via our collection service
  2. Once your request is approved, please complete this form, detailing the items you wish to return
  3. Repackage all order contents in their original packaging*
  4. Print & affix the address label that we will send to you via email
  5. Give the package(s) to the driver for collection


All refunds will go back to the original payment method and can take up to 14 working days from receipt of your item(s), plus up to a further 5 days to process (depending on the bank and time of year).

Dealing with your lithium-ion batteries within cold weather:


You should never charge a lithium-ion battery below zero degrees Celsius or 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Always wait for the battery to get warm at room temperature, the issue with charging a battery when it’s too cold is that you’ll cause irreversible damage on what’s called lithium plating inside the battery, you shouldn’t really charge fast either, you want to charge as slow as you can always above about 5 degrees C or 41 F.


You don’t want to discharge your battery below about negative 4 degrees Fahrenheit or negative 20 degrees Celsius and the best way to avoid this if is to start with your battery inside again if I have my battery for my scooter here inside and it’s minus 10 degrees Fahrenheit outside I can bring it out and I can usually ride around just fine because even though it’s cold outside the battery is starting at a higher temperature and because of the battery’s internal resistance it’s unlikely that the battery’s temperature is actually going to drop below the dangerous level, anytime you’re using a lithium-ion battery it’s going to be creating some of its own heat so it’s okay to use it in those colder temperatures if the battery itself is staying above the bottom cut off and if you’re at all unsure of whether your battery’s staying there you can test it out and use like a laser thermometer or an infrared thermometer and just check your battery temperature through the ride and make sure it’s staying above the bottom cut off.

Charge your battery 100%

This might sound counterintuitive because a lot of people don’t like to charge above 90% or even 80% because they think it can help lengthen the lifetime of their battery and that’s true, the problem is that in the winter when your battery is cold you’re not going to get as good performance and your voltage is going to be dropping below what it normally does so if you start out with an already lower charged battery you’re going to get extra low performance and so it might be worth your while if you need that performance to actually charge up to 100% in winter and if you’re worried about the longevity of your battery you can just try to charge up right before you go out so you’re not leaving your battery at full charge all the time.

Don’t store the battery charged at 100%

A lot of people do this without realising and then they forget about it and they leave it all winter, this is really bad for the battery because it means that the battery’s sitting at full charge for a long time and that’s going to degrade its lifecycle capacity if you can even discharge it to like 90% full you know just run it around for a few minutes and take that top and a charge off that’s a lot better but ideally you’d want to store it at about 50% charge because 50% charge is an excellent storage voltage and it’s not going to cause long-term damage.

Don’t push it too hard

Don’t put yourself at risk, if it’s icy out there or the conditions aren’t great, consider slowing down or even leaving one of these vehicles at home and finding another way, it’s never worth pushing it if the conditions aren’t safe to ride and make sure you’re there to ride another day.