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Discover Velo Benefits

Ride into a greener future on a Velo moped

The Government has announced that no new petrol and diesel cars will be sold after 2030 as part of its drive for a carbon-free economy. Get ahead of the crowd by going electric early.

Cheaper daily commuting with an electric moped vehicle

With an electric moped, you are ULEZ exempt, there’s no cost at the petrol pump, you pay no road tax, there are some great electric vehicle insurance deals, you’re exempt from Congestion Charges and parking is often free.

We register with DVLA for you

We want to get our customers off to a flying start on their Velo moped, so we register your vehicle with DVLA on your behalf to save you the hassle.

Don’t compromise on social distancing during your daily commute

After lockdown how are you travelling to work when social distancing may not be possible on public transport? Replace the restrictions and worry of a daily commute with the freedom of two wheels.

Free Parking 

Free parking for electric mopeds in most cities and towns in the motorcycle bays available. See TFL.GOV.UK for all the boroughs in London for parking.

Freedom for everyone from age 16 upwards

You can ride a Velo e-moped as young as 16 with L-plates and a CBT course you can ride a scooter with a maximum speed of 45 km/h. And if you’ve had your driving licence since before February 2001 you won’t need to complete the CBT.

Our high-performance Samsung batteries are reliable, money-saving and green

With no need to buy a charging point, you can charge your moped from a standard domestic electric point and our state-of-the-art Samsung batteries give you two to three days of typical use and come with a 3-year guarantee.

Go green, go electric

If tackling climate change and cleaner air on your streets are important to you, then why not contribute by riding an all-electrically powered moped which emits no nitrogen oxides, toxic carbon particulates or CO2.

Free delivery anywhere in the UK for orders of two or more vehicles

There is zero to pay on delivery within the UK if you order two or more brand new Velo e-mopeds. For other orders, the delivery fee is just £150 anywhere in the country. Currently, the delivery lead time is 7 to 14 days for models in stock.

The Government pays 20% towards the cost of your new Velo e-moped

Under the UK Government’s Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) plug in motorcycle scheme, the Government will pay 20% towards the purchase price of electric vehicles, to a maximum of £1,500. We have claimed OLEV on your behalf so that you benefit from the most competitive prices available on our entire range of e-mopeds.