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Save by using Velo bikes

The London ULEZ zone already operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week except Christmas Day in central London. From October 2021 the zone will be extended beyond central London’s Congestion Charge Zone all the way out to the North and South Circular Roads.

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Save up to £27.50 a day commuting across London

Fortunately for our customers, one of our Velo bikes produce no emissions at all, so it’s exempt from both the £12.50 ULEZ charge as well as the £15 Congestion Zone charge.

So, from Woolwich to Richmond, or Wandsworth to Walthamstow, cut the daily cost of your daily commute across London on one of our Velo e-mopeds.

And don’t forget you’re also saving on fuel costs with up to 3 days’ travel, for work or college, on just one overnight charge.