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About Velo

About Velo

Our mission at Velo is simple, to offer you a practical, environmentally responsible, and economic way of getting about our urban areas, for your daily commute, your work or your studies.

Our roots are in London and Brighton, both at the cutting edge of new movements. Brighton’s seafront evokes images of Mods on customised Vespas while Carnaby Street was the capital of Mod fashion. Nowadays, both cities are at the forefront of another movement, a green revolution in which fossil fuels have no place. In Brighton, private diesel vehicles will soon be banned from the city centre and central London has extended its low and ultra-low emissions zones.

Where they lead, other urban centres will follow. The Government has also adopted the goal to remove diesel and petrol vehicles from city centres, outlined in it’s The Road to Zero Strategy.

We believe that the time of the electric vehicle has arrived. E-mopeds offer an antidote to pollution, congestion or relying on public transport. If you don’t have a driving licence, all you need is Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) to get on the road with a Velo e-moped. The relatively low cost of purchasing and running an e-moped makes them a viable choice for a wide range of customers. So, if you are:

  • A commuter wanting a reliable vehicle with proven performance,
  • A motorbike courier who needs a cost-effective, agile vehicle for manoeuvring around busy streets all day.
  • A student looking for a greener, cheaper way to be mobile that doesn’t need the same large investment in owning and running a car or getting a driving licence.
  • A motorhome owner looking for an easy way to get around the town.

Or if you simply want a quicker, easier, guilt-free way to move around your urban space, then our range of electric mopeds offer an effective solution.

We’re passionate about finding our customers their ideal e-moped and we’ve created a range of vehicles to suit a variety of needs and tastes, as well as offering reliable performance and the joy of riding a classic icon with a contemporary twist. The future is electric.

Save money as you go

Doesn’t it feel great to save money while doing good? When you ride a Velo e-moped, not only do you contribute to a cleaner environment and better air quality, you’re also saving money.

An Government OLEV plug in grant reduces the purchase price of your e-moped and it’s cheaper to run than a fuel burning vehicle:

  • No road tax
  • Park for free in many cities
  • Lower running costs (up to 3 days’ travel on one overnight charge)
  • Exemption from congestion charges
  • No charge for entering London’s Low Emission zone (now extends across the whole city, 24/7)
  • Avoid the Ultra-Low Emission charge in central London’s Congestion Charge/ULEZ zone (from 7am and 10pm, every day except Christmas Day)

Breathe easily, charge easily

Momentum is building to improve air quality and combat global warming. New transport policies across UK towns and cities are driving the uptake of electric vehicles. Cleaner, cheaper and easy to charge from a domestic 13-Amp socket, e-mopeds are now a practical alternative for the majority of UK people who work or study within 30 minutes of home.

One overnight charge gives you up to three days of clean travel around town, with zero emissions - that means absolutely no carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides or carbon particles to choke our streets.

As more cities look to ban or charge fossil fuel vehicles, Velo e-mopeds give you access to all areas and make the air a little easier to breathe.