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The future is electric

Electric Mopeds

With electric mopeds from just £1,995, we provide the highest specification eco-friendly mopeds with 3 Year Warranted Quick Swap Samsung Lithium batteries and a 14-day money-back guarantee. All our seats come standard with premium leather weather resistant seats that are eco friendly. LOW-COST FINANCE NOW AVAILABLE. 

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Velo eMopeds


  • Traffic Busting 40MPH

    With Zero Emissions

  • Luxury Leatherette Seats Standard

    Also Available In Vinyl

  • Up To 50 Mile Range

    Road Legal Strong 12-inch Wheels for Safety and Stability

Velo eMopeds

Key Features

  • Fully Featured

    LED Lights, Remote Alarm and Immobiliser

  • Powerful Premium Samsung/LG Batteries

    3 Year Warranty

  • Clean, Sustainable & Cost Effective

    Charge From a Regular Plug Socket



The scooter arrived ahead of time and the communication around delivery dates was excellent. I couldn't get the introduction from the driver as I was at work, but I called Natalie and she talked me through what I needed to know. The scooter is really easy to ride and the acceleration is quick . The motor is genuinely very quiet, more quiet than my e -bike . All you can hear is the wind and the noise of the road under tyre.


I have ridden all sorts of motorbikes over the years, BUT these just blew me away, was not expecting it to handle or accelerate as well as it does.


We own a motorhome and needed a way to get off site when we are touring. velo e-scooter is perfect. it is light enough to go onto a rack at the rear of the motorhome. stylish quiet and easy to use. it takes us into town and recharging batteries is so simple. the staff at velo have been outstanding in helping us to get the scooter on the road. they always reply to any query. our e-scooter has a low max speed but it is ideal to get around locally and with zero emissions it is perfect for city driving there are different styles and colours to choose from all at very reasonable prices. we love our e- scooter highly recommend the e-scooter from

John Brayn
Solution Architect

The scooter looks great, the display is slightly futuristic and it is easy to understand the battery. Everyone who has been round my house has been keen to have a go and has loved it. I really think these are the future of fun, low cost, low congestion commuting.

Solution Expert

I've been an E bike user for some years now and was keen to get a bit more speed and range. I liked the e-moped idea because it seems a fun way to get to work in a low cost and carbon neutral way.

Steve Kallis

My biggest concern ahead of it arriving was the speed. A friend of mine had an different moped he bought 10 years ago and he told me he couldn't get more than 20mph from it. I set out and was struggling to get past 17 mph at first then I noticed a switch marked L/H. Flicked it to H and discovered this meant high power mode. I very quickly reached 31 mph. Another concern was can it cope with hills? I can confirm it will go 30mph up hill with no issues.